We are Minneami Salsa!

Bringing the Miami salsa experience to Minnesota!! We offer the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul the best in casino rueda salsa!!

We are an award winning group who loves dancing CASINO RUEDA SALSA!  We love to perform it, practice it and now in the spirit of being the

Twin Cities salsa public option...... We will teach you to dance authentic Casino Rueda Salsa for FREE!  

We run our classes every other Thursday! Starting in mid April -They will be every week!
Classes will be held in a big beautiful space at the Plymouth Church located at 1900 Nicollet Ave South. 
Beg classes start 7:00pm 
Int./Adv at 8:00pm. 
Free parking.
Always check here for BLACKOUT DATES! 

What is Rueda??

Rueda means “wheel” in Spanish.  In the rueda, dancer’s form a circle and dance amazingly fun patterns in beautiful unison around the rueda. Most of the patterns also can be done by individual couples independent from the rueda as well.  Plus, the moves can also be danced alone as part of a fitness program or just to enjoy the beautiful steps!  We follow an internationally recognized syllabus from Miami’s premier salsa schools.  Learn with us and you’ll receive an entire salsa dance education for FREE!   This syllabus consist of many patterns. ( or dance combinations ) Tens of thousands of people around the world have learned these patterns. Minneami’s goal is to spread the joy by following this wonderful syllabus as closely as possible.

We will teach you authentic Casino Rueda Salsa for FREE!  We are offering FREE classes and in this website you are welcome to view an entire Casino Rueda Course on video for FREE!    This experience could cost you thousands of dollars somewhere else!

Why are we doing this?  Because we believe that the more people in the world who know rueda, the better the world is going to be!  The more people who can dance with us, the more fun we are going to have!  Unlike traditional dance schools, your success is THE most important thing to us, not your money!  
You can become part of a beautiful dance movement!  We want to see as many people out there dancing rueda for the sole reason that it’s a beautiful thing!   There is no other activity that offers a person more positives than Casino Rueda Salsa!  Interested?  Please check out the rest of this website!